I chose the above title for this month’s newsletter because the time is now that those who are legitimate, qualified, and certified MWDBE’s to step up their game. Never in the history of the State of Texas has Harris County had a diversity program. And I can remember just a few short years ago, many of my constituents stated to me that Harris County would never have one either. WOW! It’s amazing how things do change.

Well, if you have not already heard, Commissioner Rodney Ellis is funding a disparity study in Harris County which will most definitely reveal that minorities, in particular African Americans, are not receiving a fair shake. A big part of the short fall is because those in charge could care less if African American minorities are involved in the process. Which leads me back to the title of this newsletter, “Some Must Die So That We All Can Live”.  For forever and a day, minorities (African Americans) by and large have been okay with accepting less than their worth for work. You know who you are. The time has come that for all of us to live some of us must die.

If you have a certification for a NAISC code that you are not providing a “Commercial Useful Function,” you must die so that we all can live. Your non performing certification has held the MWDBE Community back for so many years and unless somebody from the MWDBE Community speaks out about it, things will never change.

The culprit of this disservice to the minority community are those who are well respected in the same communities that they themselves are short changing. All that these so called community leaders care about is their own families and friends. I am personally heading a campaign to best try and correct this terrible flaw in the system that has stunted the growth in our communities for years. It is time for everyone to stand and hold each other accountable.

Some of us must die, will die, or will be killed off so that all that are legitimate, qualified, and certified MWDBE’s can live. It is happening across all sectors; professional services, legal, construction and many other areas. Just like we have asked TX DOT and other governmental agencies to pack fair, the MWDBE Community share just as much of the blame. If we lift our voices for change and not chump change, but real change, trust me, in half the time that it has taken to get where we are now we can improve our economic situation for our children and their children’s future.

I will not name call in this newsletter, but those who are cheating themselves and the system must cease immediately. Over the last five (5) plus years I have personally analyzed the players in the Texas Markets who claim to provide a Commercially Useful Function in many different areas of the NAISC. My disparity study of MWDBE’s in Texas that can actually preform a Commercial Useful Function in their areas of certification is less than 10% of those who have received the same certification from the Texas Unified Certification Program (TUCP). This Great State of Texas is asleep at the wheel, it's just that simple! So, I am calling on all elected and appointed officials in this Great State of Texas to lock terms and support Commissioner Ellis who will most definitely get his wish; A race and gender conscious minority program. Good start Commissioner Ellis. Shake them haters off!

Some Must Die 2.png

Some Must Die So That We All Can Live! 

It is undisputed that too many minority owned companies, or might I say too many individuals, have certification status in the TUCP. Every time you participate in these pass through deals, you don’t only hurt the program you hurt your community as well. I know that those who violate do not care, but I do.

In closing, in July 2018, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) accepted a complaint I filed and agreed to investigate the issues. The complaint is about pass-through, not brokers. If you are a broker, it is okay so long as when you are involved in a project you make sure that the submission states such.

Let us hear your comments good or bad.