A Certified Supplier Performing a Commercially Useful Function

The U.S. Department of Transportation's regulations define Commercially Useful Function  (CUF) as  it applies to a Supplier as follows :

A DBE performs a CUF when it is responsible for execution of the work of the contract and is carrying out its responsibilities by actually performing, managing, and supervising the work involved . 49 C. F.R . § 26.SS(c)(l). With respect to materials and supplies used to perform a contract, the DBE Supplier must also be responsible "for negotiating price, determining quality and quantity, ordering the material, and  installing (where applicable) and paying for the material it self."49 C.F. R. § 26.SS(c)(l).

A Supplier may apply 60% of the value paid for materials furnished that become a permanent part of the project toward the established DBE goal. A supplier is a firm that owns, operates, or maintains a store, warehouse, or other establishment in which the materials, supplies, articles or equipment of the  general character described  by the  specifications and required under the contract are bought,  kept in stock, and regularly sold or leased to the public in the  usual course of business . The firm must be an established, regular business that engages, as its principal business and under its own name, in the purchase and sale or lease of the products in question. A Supplier who owns a delivery vehicle that is supplemented with long term lease agreements can apply 100% of the cost of transportation toward the established DBE goal.


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OMNI PIPE SOLUTIONS targets the private & public markets which includes purchasing agents and contracting offices from federal, state, county and municipal agencies, as well as Prime, General and Subcontractors performing work on behalf of such agencies.



OMNI PIPE SOLUTIONS leases and operates a warehouse based in its home state of Texas in which it stocks various piping supplies, rebar, structural steel and precast materials.

Per DBE Policy, the Company must have at least one warehouse or storefront which can be located anywhere in the  US. OMNI PIPE SOLUTIONS made the strategic decision to locate its warehouse in the State of Texas for two reasons:

  1.  It is near the Company's Main Office
  2.  It is geographically centrally located in the US


OMNI PIPE SOLUTIONS owns and operates delivery vehicles for various bulk materials. Additionally, OMNI PIPE SOLUTIONS supplements the delivery of materials through long term leases with trucking companies throughout the country and through a Teaming Agreement with a DBE & WBE Certified international logistics company.

OMNI PIPE SOLUTIONS follows standard industry practices regarding the transport and delivery of products, supplies, equipment and materials to its "public" (target market) which deals with large volumes.


distributions alliance partnership agreements

OMNI PIPE SOLUTIONS has negotiated and established purchasing agreements with several manufacturers, fabricators and distributors throughout the US and Canada with whom they regularly purchase products, supplies, equipment and materials.



OMNI PIPE SOLUTIONS takes financial and legal possession of all the materials that it sells which is backed up by a multi-million dollar general & product commercial insurance policy. The moment the material leaves the manufacturer, fabricator or distributor and up until the time that it is accepted by the customer, OMNI PIPE SOLUTIONS takes financial and legal possession, control and responsibility which is tantamount to physical possession.


direct management

OMNI PIPE SOLUTIONS solely and directly manages all contracts, creates all sales quotes, purchase orders and invoices, receives payment from the customer directly and pays for all material purchases directly to the manufacturer, fabricator or distributor. No 3rd Party exists in the transaction.

OMNI PIPE SOLUTIONS is exclusively in the business of selling pipe, heavy construction, highway and building materials.

OMNI PIPE SOLUTIONS' Certification as a Supplier performing a CUF has been  reviewed and upheld by the DBE Texas Unified Certification Program  in Texas .