Omni Pipe Solutions is a certified DBE, WBE, MBE, and HUB. We are a full service provider of steel pipe, concrete pipe, PVC and rebar and other oilfield & construction related products. We have a fully operational sales/support department, as well as a 5 acre stocking yard.



Omni is an emerging player in the ever-changing world of pipe. It provides its end-user customers with a range of solutions to their energy producing and construction needs. From assistance and consultation on in-land and offshore piping design, to guidance on the proper selection of energy and construction pipe in all weights and sizes, we can be there at the beginning. From identification of product source to arranging for custom mill fabrication and rollings, we insure our customers are fully informed of the range of possi­bilities available to them in product selection. From the arrangement and scheduling of transport to the customer's destination of choice, as well as securing needed services such as threading, inspections and/or coatings, to providing or arrangeing for safe and secure storage of their product, Omni is there to the end. Omni Can!


Omni realizes the value of developing and maintaining productive and sustainable relationships. To that end, we have aligned ourselves with some of the leading domestic manufacturers of steel, concrete and PVC pipe. We have entered into strategic marketing and distribution arrangements with such producers as TMK-IPSCO, Northwest Pipe, The Thompson Pipe Group, Old Castle Precast, Forterra, and North American Pipe just to name a few. This allows Omni to provide our customers with the full array of products for their exploration and construction needs. Omni is able to supply both seamless and welded steel pipe as well as concrete and PVC pipe of all stan­dard and custom made sizes if necessary.





As a certified/qualified supplier Omni Pipe Solutions offers 60% minority participation goal on most construction projects and a 100% minority participation goal if we manufacture products at our facilities located in Houston, TX. Omni Pipe Solutions is a firm that owns, operates, & maintains a store, warehouse, or other establishment in which the materials, supplies, articles or equipment of the general character described by the specifications and required under the contract are bought, kept in stock, and regularly sold or leased to the public in the usual course of business. Omni Pipe Solutions is established as a regular stocking distributor with the products that the business is engaged in.